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It’s been such an amazing year and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to end my wedding season with. Shooting an all day wedding while eight months pregnant may not sound like a good time but I had a blast. I met Amy last year while she was visiting from Pennsylvania — planning her wedding and visiting family. I’ve known her cousin Nicole for many years and was flattered that she suggested me to Amy to be her wedding photographer. My business was just getting started and I was honored that she asked me to cover her special day. A year later and Amy and her now husband Tyler were back in town and ready to tie the knot at the same location my husband and I got married at exactly two years ago today ( Happy Anniversary Babe!).

The setting for the ceremony was on the deck at Sunset Harbor Yacht Club…the weather was gorgeous and so was the bride. Everything looked amazing and I was so impressed with how everything turned out since the newlyweds had been planning this entire event from a thousand miles away. There were many touching moments throughout the day but nothing as memorable as the moment Amy shared with her uncle, who has served in the military for over 30 years. The party went on for hours, everyone had an amazing time (some more than others as there was a point in the evening when shirts and ties were off!) and I feel so blessed to have been a part of yet another intimate celebration. I wish you, Amy and Tyler, many years of health and happiness as you take on life together. Thank you again for inviting me into your world:-)

Anonymous - Awesome stuff Liz! Cant wait to see the rest! Love the opening you wrote!

Tyler Colodonato

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